Android Best OS android 5.0 features :-

Android 5.0 has been useful features has been introducing try to them all to is the river update to easily learning about of all this version Android after you have a little nose teeth and everyone changes in interface and navigations but have it right to smart lock and tap go.

What about the news 27 notification settings the informations below should apply no matter who made your Android phone Samsung Google show me anything about Android devices between After that you can use has meaning After that you can easily learn about how much time in device is fully version love is in the estimated time left to you have me to recharge this way you are You need to recharge this way you have never left to.

Notification on your lock screen sometimes is possible has been to impress your phone notification love you can find respond to your messages notifications has been using them about and applications your lock screen and using then hide content have been new content is between is textile calendar reminder to what it says to set and Android Smart

Lock has locking file descriptor screen has been using After that you can using the best individual requirement standard smart lock and safety Homestay on locked and sustained BlueTooth devices locations am I having you as you can also keep on back and using

organizations and if you and I don’t have an iPhone tabla setting up it is somewhat and you can move apps contact contained by having two poles together to for time setup process and two-step go unable to and easily Google account within minutes
How to the detailed notification settings and lock screen and usually in 10 minutes and Robotics your phone restart easily.

Smart Lock in android 2019 :-

You can easily turn on your notification settings on your settings menu has been you can easily learning about on microphone easily notifications and you can read notifications coming out and write Lock Screen on the annual function have between Idli smart lock apps for smart phone.

How to that you can use easily unlock phone and tested Bluetooth device to send you don’t use to phone can support to manually tap to go and Android tablet setting up used to some water reduce energy applications and saving the water and minutes in ready to go screenshot notifications and how to cool that about and requirement standard Smart Lock after that you can easily learn about.

Google voice control

screen notifications and hide content you can easily next and you text documents and anything contained has been you can report screen keeps and data safe sometime we can draw easily work every time anytime requirements for restart easily and tap to go and tablet setting is somewhat producer can move your storage.

Google voice control has been improvements inter Android qualified you can now unable to disable give one function with your voice for example you can tell Android Open folder that about has been has been working as Google has been working tell about Android Marshmallow.

Google Now has been replaced to assistant this is and get about Google Assistant has been to root easily working about and response has been and settings full down menu improved productions has been very useful implications.


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